Unryu Japanese Inn with Secret Bath

The Izu and Kawazu area boasts an array of stunning natural scenery, thanks to the surrounding mountains, rivers and sea. Unryu is an ideal way to experience these beautiful landscapes while enjoying high-quality accomodation and hospitality.

Unryu is a tea house-style ryokan (Japanese Inn) which covers an area of approximately 9,900 square meters and features a special walking trail that is exclusive for our guests.

There are over 40 acres of mountains in the area beyond Unryu, and around 500 different types of plants. Among them is "Kawazu Zakura", a type of Japanese cherry blossom, which is one of the earliest cherry blossoms to bloom each year. During the month of February Kawazu Zakura comes into full bloom, bathing the city in warm pink hues.


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Unryu is located in the Oodaru Onsen (hot-spring) area, which lies in the valleys around the upper stream of Kawazu river.

Here you can enjoy high-quality hot-spring baths, as well as hiking or perhaps some fishing in the mountain streams.

The pleasant climate and natural beauty of the area ensures an enjoyable stay at any time of the year.


News & Topics

Plum trees by Okuno dam

There are approx. 200 white and red plum trees by Okuno dam which was built at the upper stream of Itouookawa river running in the middle of City of Itou throughout mid Febrary until mid March. You can enjoy walking around the Lake Matsukawa along with appreciating beautiful plum trees.

[Period] Best season/Mid Febrary - Mid March(Annual)

Tsukigase Bairin Plum tree festival

You can enjoy the wonderful scenery including 10 kinds of approx. 1,500 white and red plum trees on terraced steps within the area of 6.2 ha.
During the festival, there is a variety of attractions available including drum, band performance, and games.
There are also sales of local products, stamp collection, and lottery at the end of the festival.

[Period] Febrary 14th, 2010 - March 31th, 2010
[Hours] 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.